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DJ Khaled feat. Kendrick Lamar

Holy Key

We The Best/Epic
'Major Key' will be dropped by the time you read this, but this is the last leak I could find and OF COURSE it's massively underwhelming. Short of the sound of God cumming in your ear, ANYTHING would be underwhelming after the hype this album's been getting of late. There's nothing wrong with 'Holy Key' (Sean and Lamar's verses in particular), it just can't help feeling like an attempt at a big-sounding single to justify hype — a big sound that's not actually needed or suitable for the subject matter. Star-studded line-ups (the album has Jay Z, Future, J.Cole, Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Big Sean and tons of others on it), 'anthems' (he's already said the album is 14 anthems), pffft! Give me less people, saying stuff CLEARER please. Hope the whole album isn't this kind of big show-offy bollocks or I'll pass thanks — the track that leaked at the end of June, 'I Got The Keys' featuring Jay and Future was WAY better.