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The Game

I Grew Up On Wu-Tang/What Your Life Like

Blood Money Entertainment
If the tracks that have leaked thus far from soon-come new opus '1992' are anything to go by it should be a fascinating record — a recapitulation of past-styles and sub-genres in hip-hop, recalling that 1992 moment when hip-hop fans were deliriously able to thoroughly ignore the divisive narratives of the hip-hop media and really start enjoying hip-hop from all over the US map and beyond. Sublime tracks The Game's cooked up here, both redolent of that era yet also strangely current in the sense of tension and nostalgia, and lyrically he really suits that mix between dewy-eyed memory and red-eyed horror that ANY recall of that time should invoke. Late in the day, and a long time after the spotlight has moved on from him The Game is making some of his most fascinating work.