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Schoolboy Q

JoHn Muir

Top Dawg Entertainment
'Blank Face' I'm just dipping into, but it sounds like alongside Royce's 'Layers' it could be the non-auto-tuned masterpiece of the year. 'JoHn Muir' is on one level an odd single choice, but pumped loud with the windows open you won't hear a sharper, sweeter, more soulful slam of spirit all summer. Propulsive lunging beats come courtesy of Sounwave, but it shouldn't be a surprise to see that name Adrian Younge on the credits — this track has his typically brilliant touches all over it, from the lovely backing vocals on the hook to the drum-sound — as it's as diamond-tight as Stubblefield, but as lounging and phat as Willie Mitchell's Hi Rhythm Section. You KNOW you're going to have to get the album but this should make any doubts dissappear. Welcome back Q, and hats off to TDE for keeping their standards high as a kite.