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Famous Dex


Of course, I'm innately distrustful of any rapper who first wants to tell you their instagram address, let alone renames a track from their latest mixtape in a craven effort to confuse Beyonce fans — glad to see my mistrust was warranted given the crock of say-nothing go-nowhere SHITE this is. Famous Dex appears to a be hipster prick in shit trainers and an ironic Wu hoodie tooling around Chi-town chatting bullshit bubbles like his life depended on it. Look — I have no problem with anyone wanting to anoint their music with soubriquet hip-hop, but when anyone who happens to open their mouth and lets tuneless fuckery fall out while some over-sprightly Logic-borne tedium seeps underneath it all, like a spreading pool of liquid ordure, calls their music hip-hop, I have to get syntactically stern on this nonsense. This is not hip-hop. This is nought but commerce. Don't believe any hype no more. It's all bullshit.