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Golden Rules feat. Yasmin Bey

Never Die

Lex Recordings
Just utterly exquisite. Golden Rules' just-dropped LP on Lex, 'Golden Ticket' will be palmed off as a leftfield contribution to this year's greatest hip-hop but really what I hear is a massive congruity here with Outkast at their trippiest (I can't be the only one who hears Andre 3000 in Eric Biddiness' voice). Absolutely no reason on earth why this shouldn't be huge — a gorgeous summery sprawl of a track, lit up with a dub sense of space and intrigue, and put together in a unique spirit, one that aims for beauty and transcendence and that will always speak clearly to anyone for whom hip-hop has performed a crucially psychedelic role, a druggy, delighted, dazed and unconfused shaft of sunlight into our grey days. Soundtrack to a summer we never got. Make it happen every time you press play.