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Kanye West feat. Kendrick Lamarr

No More Parties In L.A

Kanye and Kendrick's first ever collaboration, and more than worth the wait. Madlib is in on production and the result is one of the highlights of the year already. Kendrick's verse is a doozie but in a weird way I prefer Kanye's takeover — paranoid, jumpy, sketchy, malformed, 'turbo thoughts'. Behind all this id-warfare, Madlib drapes a thrumming kaleidoscope of funk, duf fx and soul dazzle that sounds like a devestating alternative to the encroaching retroism of autotune (that's the weird thing with hip-hop — in a few years autotune will doubtless sound utterly out of date). The test being, if you weren't told it was Kanye, would you listen again? Yes, without a doubt. The voice, and the words still hit with a truth. Essential.