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French Montana feat. Drake

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Bad Boy Entertainment/Epic
Murda Beatz on the mix so the bass is in just the right place, under your feet, right up your ass, and the beat is a doozie — a little more uptempo than I've previously heard from him and designed for maximum neck-snappage. Yet again though, the lyrics let the whole thing down with way too much laziness, and quelle-sur-fucking-prise, Drake YET AGAIN deciding the best way he could rap is to insinuate yet more disses Joe Budden's way. Rap's degeneration into sports-entertainment isn't necessarily a bad thing and if I was 10 I'm sure lyrically I'd find this entirely satisfying. I'm not though, I need more than this snarly vaguery to get my teeth into. Good signs for the soon-dropping 'MC4' set though.