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L'Orange & Mr Lif

A Palace In The Sky

Mello Music Group
Bizarre. Conceptual. Esoteric. Compelling. Orange & Lif were never going to create just another set of jams and their new opus 'The Life & Death Of Scenery' is a cerebral masterpiece portraying a world in which art has been banned on threat of death: DJ QBert, Gonjasufi, Akrobatik and Insight are some of the guests which should give you a hint as to what an eclectic stew it is. This lead-off single is hip-hop inasmuch as it features rapping but the music you hear is as far from current rap tropes as a post-stellar universe is from the big bang. Gurning backwards bass, Mingus/Monk modality, Lif taking you on a journey like only he can. Tantalising glimpse of a wild world of weirdness from these two. Get bit by it and then dig into the full-length. And can I just say — GOD BLESS MMG? Always bringing the intrigue.