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Nedlog Era

'The Preview EP'

South Gotham/ Soundcloud
Really am getting utterly addicted to Nedlog Era's unique, soulful, searingly bleak sound. This is the first new ish I've heard from them since the stupendous 'SGLP' mixtape and phewff, it's just as eerily compelling, hilariously unmannered and powerfully poignant as that masterpiece was. Spivey XX, DK and Amarae provide sumptous jazzy psyched-out production throughout and Nedlog's voices still stalk that uniquely honest, unsparing place they always have, as possessed by the moment and by day-to-day struggles as they sharply throw an eye over their past and the past of their people. I kind of half-hope that Nedlog get signed for silly money cos they deserve it, part wish that the industry leaves them the fuck alone and lets them get on with making such wonder uncut and uncompromised. Hear it.