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Flatbush Zombies


The Glorious Dead Records
'My semi-automatic will splatter a n**** like Jackson Pollock/LSD drops in my eyelids...' Predictably hearing a lot of comparisons to Wu-Tang and Gravediggaz regarding Flatbush Zombies' new opus '3001: A Laced Oddyssey'. Truth be told, what this recalls to me is the bleaker parts of the Pharcyde's best work — elegiac, mournful and yet possessed of a life and a terpsichorean urge that's irresistable, enough diverting characters and back-and-forth intrigue to keep you hitting that rewind button. 'R.I.P.C.D' is a brilliantly measured moment of melancholy regret about the format that time will forget, the lyrics contrasting today's disappearence into digital weightlessness with the solid and tactile past of music technology. The beats are hard, the loops spooky and spaced, the final effect devastating. Get the album. Superb.