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Madison Washington


Def Pressé
One of the highlights from the utterly scintillating 'Code Switchin'' EP gets pulled from the pile and released digitally (as well as on spankingly gorgeous vinyl) and oh, let's cling on to summer a little longer with its sunkissed grooves, gorgeously lush Coup-style soul textures and thrillingly righteous rhetoric. Attacking hierarchies of all kinds, pulling a real sense of pride from standing outside of the corrupt games now swallowing politics and music alike, what's always so gratifying about MW's work is that mix between Malik Ameer's light-speed scalpel-sharp rhymes and ThatManMonkz' unerring ability to find beats and loops that give Ameer the space and the punch that he needs. If you've not got 'Code Switchin'' yet consider it an essential part of your exit-pass from 2017. Superb.