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Jungle Pussy

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Lookin' like Rump Spice" heh heh — Shayna McHayle returns with this natty preview of soon-come long-player 'Satisfaction Guaranteed'. Beyond the sheer filthy aggression of the lyrics it's the delivery that has you hitting rewind on this — stealth but fury as well, sensuality but oozing with menace — Shayna has a great rap voice, half Grace Jones steel, half Althea/Donna playfulness. As with the track with Tink that came out a few months ago ('Curve Em'), this is also produced by Shy Guy who has the good sense to not overwhelm the production with too much fuss, allowing JP's commanding boom to just launch itself into your day with all claws out and sharpened. "I'm a genie in a bottle of Malibu..." - drink deep and hold tight for the album.