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Mr Brown

Weathered/Now See Me/Tiny Sunset/Bluey

King Underground
It's odd. Though I tend to be doubtful of rapper's motives when they only rap over old-sounding music, I have no such querulous questions of motive when it comes to producers. Totally understand why they'd want to avoid the autotune trap-hell of current mainstream hip-hop production and dig back into loops and smoky beats — more often than not, they sound better. Mr Brown here drops a scintillating, utterly dated yet utterly ace four-track 7" on the inestimable King Underground and every single track is a delight, from the ravishing crepuscular funk of 'Weathered', the bumping heavy bass clarinet-laden 'Now See Me' and the gorgeous coda of 'Tiny Sunset' and 'Bluey', like Gil & Miles ditched Macero and gave Marley Marl a call. Sweet sounds.