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Whippin Excursion

SN1 Records
What I love about this is that even though the chassis is pure trap, there's no attempt here to cop anything American or try and reconfigure trap dynamics for an English voice. This could've sounded ugly, could've sounded like an attempt at Southern-style phraseology with an English accent. It doesn't. It sounds entirely fluid, and gratifyingly more touched with a kind of European sense of glacial dynamics and textures than anything from the buckle of the Bible Belt. Consequently Giggs' brilliantly clipped, terse and menacing rhymes suit it perfectly. Pretty amazing to create a track so touched by that Southern heat, but that sounds so rainswept and cool — analogous to what drill-folk from Chicago have been doing, but shot through with an even deeper sense of London loucheness. Superb and a good pointer to what will obviously be one of the UK albums of the year, the soon-dropping 'Landlord'.