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Come Together!

Techno, trance and house DJs show united front

Three of the world's biggest DJs are set to meet up in Paris for a mammoth dance music event. Unighted, taking place at the immense edifice of the Stade de France, on 5th June, will bring together David Guetta, Carl Cox, Tiësto and more for a genre-straddling experiment that aims to unite the best of techno, trance and house in one arena.
The brainchild of house superstar David Guetta and his wife Cathy - who has masterminded the promotion of the event - Unighted will also feature sets from French house meister Martin Solveig and Guetta's engineer and rising star Joachim Garraud.
"I thought it would be exciting to bring lots of different genres together, that idea made me want to do it, to work with Carl Cox, Tiësto, Martin Solveig, and Joachim Garraud. It was exciting to think of all those different people DJing in the same room," enthused David Guetta.

In a move which will make the purists cough out their cornflakes, Unighted throws caution to the wind, making a mockery of dance music's various style constrictions, bringing fans of the different music forms together in one place in unprecedented fashion.
Guetta believes that music fans are increasingly open-minded to music across the board, and that the time is right for an event like Unighted.
"Right now with the internet, the younger generation is much more open-minded, they listen to everything, they appreciate music if it's good. Sometimes I go really techno at the end of my set, even though I'm considered to be a house DJ, and people love it.
"A lot of DJs forbid themselves to mix it up because they're worried that people are going to think they're this or that. But I think that DJs should just be natural and play what they think is good, no matter if it's house, techno or trance. Unighted is a way to help break down those boundaries," Guetta observed.

The DJ also reckoned that the event will be an opportunity to further the cause of trance in France, where it's not as popular as house or techno.
"In France, Tiësto is not really famous because trance doesn't really exist there. There's never really been an event with big trance DJs so I'm trying to do something to raise the awareness a bit in my country," he commented.

Tickets are already selling fast for Unighted and Guetta has high hopes for the continuation of the project.
"It's going to be really good, really packed. We don't have big festivals, like you have in England, in France. I play those big festivals everywhere in the world but not in my own country so this is a chance to bring it home, and hopefully it will be the first of many."
Tickets are available now from, priced at €120 each (£86.87 at time of writing).