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Azari & Iii

Reckless With Your Love (Remixes)

Permanent Vacation
If it's not the '80s, it must be the '90s. Or in this case, possibly both. Getting to grips with the borderline brilliance of the original 'Reckless With Your Love' are Good Guy Mikesh & Filbert with their soft, mostly instrumental and entirely relaxing doodling, Tuff City Kids with an '80s early house workout (think Marshall Jefferson style Roland 707 sounds more than 808s and 909s) and Midnight Magic with a jerky, horn-filled thing. And of course, the main attraction Tensnake, who seems to have encountered Nellie Hooper's Soul II Soul beats, some cowbells and various other musical imagery for an engaging mix that like its peers, is good, but without all the magic of the original.