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Spirale EP

The Bricks
French producer Romain Nouhi aka Sunrom concocted this in the bucolic setting of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, just on the outskirts of Paris, for the fledgling The Bricks imprint. It is as classy as its rarified surroundings. Title track 'Spirale' blends layer upon layer of blissful arps, hanging strings, and mallets, all to joyous effect. 'Pray', meanwhile, breaks up the kick drums, with breathy vocal samples, plucked guitars and a dramatic, melancholy bassline. Elsewhere, Paxton Fettel of Copenhagen hurls in a sturdy remix of a track called 'Superfly', an understated, hands-in-the-air piano anthem, while DJ Normal's brooding breakbeats offer old school prog vibes to 'U Doing'. A special release.