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Kamil Manqus كَامِل مَنْقوص

Ramallah-based Muqata’a continues to create immersive and imperfect worlds out of an assortment of found and hardware sounds on his evocative fifth album. Fragments of field recordings and local radio are woven throughout each piece; presented quite musically at times, while creating tension with their jarring non-linearity in other moments. When Muqata’a’s beats come in, they cycle through different half-time hip-hop influences, frenzied drum & bass and beyond with the same sense of glitchy rawness and dynamic immediacy that make up the rest of his compositions. As with Muqata’a’s previous work, 'Kamil Manqus كَامِل مَنْقوص' is also a homage to his heritage, which is its own beautiful political statement, delivered with the grace and finesse of an artist whose star keeps shining brighter and brighter. ZARA WLADAWSKY