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Killers - Issue 579

Peggy Gou

'Once' EP

Ninja Tune

Peggy has gone from strength to strength over the last 12 months, and we’re certain that her latest EP is set to propel her into superstardom. Since 2016 she’s had wax out on the racks via Rekids, Phonica White and Ninja’s sub-label Technicolour. Her latest endeavour begins with ‘It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)’, the undeniably catchy lead single that reveals her singing for the first time — recorded in her native language, Korean. Its subtle acid bassline carries perfectly alongside glimmering retro synth melodies, and conga percussion that lends an effortless dancefloor shuffle. ‘Hundred Times’ moves into classic house territory with TR-909 drum patterns and swinging hi-hats, plus dreamy pads that echo the early sounds of Detroit. ‘Han Jan’ was born from the school of electro, Peggy providing another feel-good vocal hook that is simple but effective. With the lead track already getting heavy rotation, and a release date perfectly timed ahead of festival season, it looks like we have a bona fide summer anthem on our hands.


‘64 Ways To Rob A Friend’

Return To Disorder

Frenchman Tomas More, aka December, follows an impressive turns on Jealous God and Blackest Ever Black with his latest work for Helena Hauff's Return To Disorder. The title-track is a playful, fast-paced burner with electronic pulses, eerie vocals and a one-note bassline that keeps it rolling into the stratosphere. '90 Feelings' is dark and twisted EBM; nightmare-inducing whispers that reverberate into malevolent drum hits, all rounded off by the hypnotising stabs of 'A Place To Stay. A must-have for discerning heads.


‘Bone Sucka’

Hessle Audio

Hessle Audio co-founder Pangaea returns with his first release on the label since 2016’s ‘In Drum Play’ LP. Maintaining the skittish energy of previous releases, both cuts on the EP offer an irresistible hyperactivity and complexity, working just as well in the club as over headphones. ‘Bone Sucka’ is a break-laden siren song that rattles forward with chopping vocal cuts and synthetic melodies. ‘Proxy’ is more propulsive with its anxious piano arpeggios flailing about on top of atmospheric swells and driving percussion.

Basement Space

‘Cosmic Collision’ EP

Slow Life

A label that has built up a solid repertoire since 2014, the latest Slow Life sure doesn't disappoint. This next vinyl-only release comes from up-and-coming Swedish talent Basement Space — a four-track EP rich with off-kilter 2-step beats, ‘90s breaks and deep pads that resonate perfectly with the label’s trademark sound. 'Cosmic Collision' is our pick of the bunch with unpredictable analogue square bass, trippy soundscapes and the odd hip-hop sample thrown in for good measure.




InterGraded is the latest label endeavour from DJ Mag favourite Midland, started with the intention of introducing emerging artists to a wider audience. The EP opens with a sizzling, frenetic cut from Body In The Thames before travelling into deeper territory with Peach’s ‘Silky’. Jay’s ‘Balsam Drum’ is deeper still, with an addictive minimal feel, while Webstarr’s ‘The Muse’ closes with a low bass growl and a dark, atmosphere-altering mood.


‘Special Offer’/’Kushty’


Label boss Beneath sure has one fine set of lugs — as is evident from Mistry’s array of quality signings (Batu, Laksa, Chevel, etc.), and his own output, for which he tends to favour his other label, No Symbols. Stepping out for his first 12” on the former, he’s on fine form; ‘Special Offer’ is all punchy, machine percussion and bubbling synths, while ‘Kushty’ is a spooky chime-filled affair with murky, aquatic switch. A solid twos-er well worth the investment.

Special Request

‘Special Request x Gerd Janson & Shan’


Four remixes from the pair who gave us our best track of 2017 (aka ‘Surrender’) can’t be a bad thing, right? Obvs not, and in fact it’s bloomin’ fantastic! Floaty number ‘Make It Real’ gets a hyperactive breaksy reworking (‘Mars Mix) and become pretty much unrecognisable on the claustrophobic techno ‘Prance Mania’ version. Meanwhile certified raw, bass banger ‘Brainstorm’ turns all sunshine and smiles on the ‘House Mix’, while the ‘Electrophunk’ version heads down a more euphoric path.