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Killers - Issue 576



Bitter Music Remixed EP01

Perc Trax

PERC’S ‘Bitter Music’ LP — released back in April — was a stunning selection of politically charged and mentally disturbing tracks that gave a voice not just to the UK techno veteran’s own inner turmoil, but that of the nation. This month came the long-awaited remixes, with two sets featuring reworks from some of 2017’s most exciting producers. While ‘EP02’ collects highly individual work from Berghain ressie Dax J, Lucy and Matrixxman, it’s part one that’s taken our fancy. Here, Head Front Panel turns ‘The Thought That Counts’ into an fast-firing asteroid field of percussive off-cuts, Hodge flips ‘Chatter’ into a sludgy stomper, while ‘Exit’ becomes eerie and claustrophobic under the control of Pessimist. Each builds upon the atmosphere of Perc’s originals, giving them a new twisted and darkly beautiful personality.


A Trap I’ve Built


SINCE appearing on the cover of our Women In Dance Music special in February last year, Louisahhh has been toiling away below the radar somewhat, but now returns with a fi ve-track offering of punchy, vocal tracks that sit somewhere between techno, IDM and new wave. Dealing with topics like rape culture and addiction, they’re hard-hitting, beautifully crafted works, that, while not designed for your typical dancefloor, definitely demand attention.


Attack EP

UTTU Records

HUGELY underrated UK producer Ejeca has delivered one of his best EPs yet. ‘Attack’ is steely alien techno with soulful pads and a sinister robo-vocal sample. ‘Lostly’ is a bleepy rumbler with an airy hook melody, and ‘Pintman’ is Booka Shade-inspired deep, electro house with an addictive Denis Sulta-style synth. With a go-to for every situation, this one’s a dead cert for the record bag, then, and there’s even a Matrixxman rework of ‘Attack’ tailor-made for Berghain.
 Komon & Appleblim - Know Yourself

Komon & Appleblim

Know Yourself

Beatnik Boulevard

A DEADLY partnership that originally appeared on AUS, Komon and Appleblim have returned with ‘Know Yourself’. An extraterrestrial slice of broken techno with a growling bassline, built of a tripped-up four four, a garage skip, rave stabs and a drop that pops off into a menacing, screeching hook. With experimental textures and frequencies on the flip, it’s the A-side that you DJs will be reaching for.
Kid Drama & Skeptical - Run Deep - The Hunt

Kid Drama & Skeptical

Run Deep/The Hunt

Dispatch Blueprints

ANT TC1’S Dispatch label launches new offshoot Blueprints this month with two EPs, the first from Kid Drama, and this, the second. With the label’s aim to focus on natural progression rather than big builds and drops, ‘Run Deep’ does exactly what it says on the tin — dubby, autonomic vibes rolling out slowly across five-and-a-half mins. ‘The Hunt’, meanwhile, is all classic tech-step, with growling low-end and unforgiving snares.
Venus Dodson

Venus Dodson



ARGUABLY one of disco legend’s Leroy Burgess’ most iconic productions, Venus Dodson’s ‘Shining’ was originally released in 1979. It quickly became a Paradise Garage regular, its bassline-driven groove flowing into a euphoric chorus with Dodson’s vocal dominating Levan’s resident sets. Often reaching high prices among re-sellers, Kinfine Records’ repress is welcome not only to bring secondhand prices back in tow, but to put this disco classic back on the map.

Various Artists

Various Squirrels Vol. 2

Squirrels On Film

THE SECOND various artists release from Squirrels On Film — the new record label from San Francisco veterans Solar and Brian Hock — ‘Various Squirrels Vol. 2’ features tracks from Lokier, Billy Bates and Solar. But it’s the throbbing electro of ‘Material World’ from unknown artist Material Squirrel that forms the highlight, with its extended pads that wallow into eternity. Electro fans need look no further than this devastating cut. Tip!