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Killers - Issue 586


'803 Crystal Grooves 001'

803 Crystal Grooves

As one of the driving forces behind Berlin’s Beste Modus collective, and offshoots Unison Wax, Beste Freunde and We_R House — not to mention her 20-plus-years behind the decks — Cinthie has established herself as one of the Berlin house scene’s most important and enduring artists. Back this month with yet another record label, she kicks off her new 803 Crystal Grooves imprint with three indisputable dancefloor devastators. ‘No Need To Worry’ is low-slung filth, oozing cool via expert use of delay and swing. The rising Daft Punk-esque bass of ‘Together’ provides firm foundations to support a crescendo of sky-piercing organ chords. And the Mary Clark-sampling ‘Ada Lovelace’ is unadulterated disco dynamite. If you haven’t heard this tearing up clubs and festivals already, or online for that matter (seriously, where have you been?), expect to finish off 2018 with it on repeat. Buy on sight and write Cinthie a nice card to say thank you.


'Untitled Horn'

Ish Chat

If you want to know what the biggest drum & bass track this year is, look no further. Rinsed throughout world-beating d&b fest Let It Roll and certain to get its fair share of plays at next weekend’s (at the time of writing) Hospitality In The Park, the lead track from SpectraSoul’s new ‘Silence’ EP is effing HUGE. Those ominous, widescreen blasts of brass mean the anticipation for hearing it drop is almost as high as it’s been waiting for the release.


‘Ambivert Tools Volume Four’


Lone, aka Matt Cutler, returns with the fourth instalment of his revered ‘Ambivert Tools’ series. Following the astral hyperactivity of ‘Volume Three’, ‘Volume Four’ offers a more reserved listening experience. Like the picturesque green mountain valley on its cover, each of this EP’s three cuts are expansive, lush and vibrant. ‘Pulsar’ eases you in with gentle breakbeats and lithe, melancholic melodies, while ‘Oedo 808’ hops along with a swerving bass groove. ‘Blue Moon Tea’ closes with subtly uplifting keys and a nimble, chopped vocal sample.




It may not be best known for it, but China has a burgeoning drum & bass scene, and label Unchained are focussing in on the roaring LA-influenced halftime bass sound. So, what better way to make a mark on the wider world than signing a two-tracker from Detroit’s Sinistarr? ‘Corruption’ is a claustrophobic, digital mindfuck, while ‘Void’ is all sparse percussion and monstrous chugging bass. Weapons both then, and as for Chinese d&b — watch this space!




Rex Club resident Molly's latest offering is a sublime four-tracker for Portuguese label Groovement. The title track ‘Needs’ drops sparse, minimal percussion hits and hypnotic melodies over dusty TR-909 drum sequences. ‘Voovoo’’s analogue bass is accompanied with dreamy pads reminiscent of classic US producers like Larry Heard or Fred P. ‘Apostrophe’ is a slow builder, rounding off the EP perfectly with its hazy reverberating melodies. This is deep house at its finest.


‘Raft Living’

Poly Kicks

Truss and Tessela turn away from XL to their own imprint for the latest Overmono offering. While the title track is a beatless chunk of globular joviality, opener ‘Daisy Chain’ aims to crack a rib or two with chest-compressing bass weight, contrasted by a trickling percussive line. ‘The Mabe’, meanwhile, flips the formula, bringing the drums to the fore with a punchy, organic breakbeat and soft as silk pads to take the edge off. Club tracks for home listening — superb.

Lady Blacktronika

‘Wax Cylinder Only’

Meda Fury

Rooted in the sounds of classic Chicago and Detroit, Lady Blacktronika has been producing authentic deep house music for the best part of a decade, and Meda Fury — the label that heralded Rimbaudian's earliest work — have unearthed some previously unreleased gold. Here lies a selection of never heard before gems and tracks that'll get their first time on vinyl. We're addicted to the swinging percussion on ‘Mummy Bells’, ascending melodies of ‘Perception’ and all round jacking beats on ‘Love Room’.