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Killers - Issue 598

India Jordan


Local Action

A new star has risen and her name is India Jordan. Born in Doncaster and based in London, her debut EP ‘DNT STP MY LV’ dropped earlier this year on Local Action, an imprint with a history of supporting cutting-edge UK talent, such as DJ Q, Slackk and Finn. Her follow-up stands immediately strong alongside the label’s most iconic releases. With ‘Warper’ she’s created a certified dancefloor anthem, harnessing the energy of speed garage, with vicious hats, wobbling bass and a shitload of attitude. On the flipside, the off-kilter percussion of ‘Bulbasaur Shuffle’ meets occasional hits of filtered breakbeat, with a similar, if somewhat more wonky, vibe to the A-side. Jordan has carved a particular sound for herself that we’re certain is going to find its way into a suitably eclectic range of DJs’ record bags. She’s also just released a remix of TSHA, an uplifting dubbed-out track with a driving bassline and trademark galloping percussion.

James Massiah

'Natural Born Killers'


South London poet James Massiah is known for his tender social commentary and romantic ways of seeing everyday life in an ever-changing London. Now, he’s released his debut EP on UK label LEVELS: stitching his tender spoken word through layers of funky drum machine whips, celestial pads, dubbed-out horn and piano refrains, and sparkling house grooves. It’s a wicked record, ripe for full body swinging on the dancefloor as much as tender moments at the after-party.



Lobster Theremin x Globex Corp

Taking a trip away from their usual home on 7th Storey, the Globex Corp gang team up with London’s Lobster Theremin for five tracks which break from the usual format of calling everything ‘Untitled’ (thankfully), but still deliver limb-waggling jungle goodness. Top picks here are Slacker’s increasingly disturbed ‘Lost Hope’ and the two celestial belters from Globex Corp originals Dwarde & Tim Reaper, though Bakground’s subdued ‘Gotham Love’ does make for an enjoyably crusty break from the savage drums elsewhere.

Blu Terra



Following slick debut release from Lewski (which also made it into our Killers section), Or:la’s Céad label is back and upping the ante. Blu Terra — otherwise known as Rhythm Section’s Newborn Jr. and one half of Rekids duo Private Press — drops a diverse three-tracker that gets increasingly intense throughout. Opener ‘Person Sans’ is all funky b-line and eerie pad-work, ‘20,00’ builds from an acidic half-stepper up into twisted synth mania, and ‘Western/Eastern’ finishes up with buzzing, squeaky rave intensity.

Mor Elian

‘Radical Spectacular’

Fever AM

Mor Elian’s Fever AM releases are always doused in supreme quality, but with her latest she’s excelled herself yet again. On the A1, ‘Radical Spectacular’, harmonic polyrhythms glide across subtle and off-centre percussive hits, creating an ever-expanding palette of colourful sounds. The B1 ‘Wave of Alienation’ is unpredictable as it evolves; moody, dark and hard-hitting. B2 ‘Farewell To The Snare’ continues with a mesmeric glow, breaks hitting eloquently between bubbling melodies and machine drums. We’ve said it before: Mor Elian is gonna go far!

Proc Fiskal

‘Shleekit Doss’


Until 2018, Shleekit Doss was Proc Fiskal’s Edinburgh-based party. The artist once described the party’s vibe as “ecstatic and transcendent, while still being fun and stupid”, and his new EP of the same name captures these feelings. ‘Satan’ is all backlit drones and twisted celestial pads, while ‘Pico’ mangles rave samples and whirring breakbeats. Tumbling percussion wraps around rhythmic day-glo synths on ‘Prop-O-Deed,’ and ‘2 Moros’ sounds like grime from some shiny, future metropolis. It’s a weird and wonderful collection.



BLD Tape Recordings

BLD is the tougher-edged alias of Spanish producer/DJ Baldo. His affinity for the 303 is emblazoned all over the first two cuts: ‘Forbidden Pleasure’ is immersed in breakbeats with an acid-line that creates endless soundscapes across dream-like pads, while ‘Quixotic’ follows in a similar vein, channelling classic acid techno aesthetics across a driving bassline. ‘Rave The Beat’ does exactly that; killer techno rides and a thunderous kick pulsate under urgent, uplifting pads. Here’s a 12” that really is all killer, no filler.