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Killers - Issue 603

Liam Doc

‘East Coast Edits’

Sulta Selects Silver Service

If you’ve caught sets from the likes of Big Miz, Elliot Adamson or Gerd Janson recently, chances are you’ve heard a track from Glasgow-based Liam Doc’s new EP, ‘East Coast Edits’. Recording his first Boiler Room at Edinburgh’s FLY festival in 2019, and releasing on the likes of Huntleys & Palmers and Or:la’s Céad — all while running his own Eyeangle Records, and quarterly sell-out Cyberfreq parties — Docherty is gaining recognition as one of the most versatile names currently rising the ranks of the UK house scene. Landing via Best Of British winner Denis Sulta’s Silver Service imprint, Docherty joins artists like Dan Shake and Hammer on the Sulta Selects offshoot, with four tracks of hi-octane, ecstatic disco reworks. With a fast-paced, funk-infused take on Voices Of East Harlem’s ‘Wanted, Dead or Alive’, as well as putting his own colourful spin on Double Exposure’s feel-good hit ‘My Love Is Free’, his Silver Service debut is stacked with club workouts that are sure to move dancefloors for years to come.

Kahn & Neek

‘(Having A Sick Time) In The Mansions Of Bliss’

Sector 7 Sounds

Bristol boys on a Bristol label with four thoroughly Bristol takes; by which we mean precision-cut percussion, soundsystem lows, and a whole heap of influences. ‘...Mansions Of Bliss’ kicks off painting trap tropes in grime colours, ‘Random Lab’ has something very Pokémon Tower about it — creeping chords and a squealing synth that threatens to slice off any gunfingers left in its way. ‘Shimmer’ and ‘Venus’ juxtapose classical musicality with distinctly digital beats and bleeps. Deep and dangerous from the dons.

Hyroglifics & Sinistarr



The most anticipated release of the past six months has arrived — but is it worth the wait? Well, let’s rephrase: Do you like super-massive bazooka blasts of 160bpm hype? Then yes, of course it bloody well is! ‘BS6’ is a riot of ecstasy-fuelled vocal choppage and ultimate-combo kick drums, complete with gqom rework from Scratcha DVA. ‘Turbo Island’ bodyslams Fracture’s speedy acid sound, ‘Detroit’ breaks all the rules about being silent on a submarine, and digital bonus ‘Turn Up’ rounds out in footwork frenzy. Energy energy energy!

Nite Fleit

‘Dance Trax Vol. 26’

Dance Trax

Australian export Alysha Fleiter, aka Nite Fleit, has delivered some seriously raw, 808-heavy electro for her debut outing on the Unknown To The Unknown offshoot. ‘Unusual Suspects’ combines menacing polyrhythms with pounding sub-heavy kicks and comes equipped with a fast-paced rework from D.Tiffany. ‘Folie a Dreamland’ follows similar aesthetics while harnessing a more dream-like soundscape, with widescreen pads and soaring FX. Jensen Interceptor has done some serious damage on the remix: cowbells aplenty and a breakdown that will send you sideways.




Attending one of V.I.V.E.K.’s SYSTEM nights has become something of a dubstep rite of passage; cream of the crop artists playing a rig custom-built to blow your eyebrows round to the back of your head. It stands to reason, then, that releases on the SYSTEM label are similarly sub-focused — and this latest from Drone doesn’t disappoint. Four sparse, yet heavyweight, dubstep cuts (plus an energetic remix from SP:MC). You don’t NEED a soundsystem to listen, but it helps.

Borderlandstate & The Best Kisser In L.A.

‘Hello Mainframe’

Exit Records

An interesting new collaboration by Borderland State and The Best Kisser in LA has surfaced; it’s the first time the duo have released music together and one thing we do know is that the pairing brings yet another genre strain to dBridge’s imprint. With an EP heavily rooted in off-kilter techno, the pair traverse tempo and mood. ‘The Happy Goose’ instils feelings of delirium with its contorting breakdown, while ‘Hello Mainframe’ slows the pace to round off the EP, coloured with melodies, IDM breaks and dystopian lyrics.

Ariel Zetina

‘MUAs at the End of the World’

femme culture

Ariel Zetina’s ‘MUAs at the End of the World’ is inspired by “the rhythms of putting on makeup”. Veering from buoyant techno and happy hardcore into elegant, melodic passages, the Smartbar Chicago resident’s EP for femme culture is clever in concept, but crucially, club-ready. With blazing acid leads, frenetic rhythms, YouTube samples, and elements of Belizean punta music, Zetina finds a new way of examining makeup “as armour, barrier, stealth” and the politics of its application for trans women. Powerful stuff on both accounts.