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La Ola Interior: Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983-1990

Bongo Joe
The second comp by Bongo Joe focusing on Spain’s 1980s underground swaps the post- punk of ‘La Ola Contra’ (‘the wave against’) for the hidden ambient world of ‘La Ola Interior’ (‘the wave inside’). Following the hedonism of the exploding Madrid scene in the wake of fascism’s fall in the ’70s, this collection finds a network of home recorders and self-pressing tapeheads forging their own fourth worlds all around the country. The mode on display is far from Eno’s methodical furniture music, or the utilitarian New Age sounds emerging in parallel around the world. ‘La Ola Interior’ is above all heterogeneous in its timbres and moods, with sacred indeterminate early electronics, Sufi tunings, and distant drums populating a vast soundscape stretching from the beaches of the Canary Islands to the streets of Barcelona. A warm and wonderful revelation. TRISTAN BATH