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WaqWaq Kingdom

Doggy Bag

Phantom Limb
With WaqWaq Kingdom reduced to a duo, DJ Scotch Egg & Kiki Hitomi (ex-King Midas Sound) are synthesising some of their most direct and outright fun music to date. WaqWaq Kingdom’s mashup of genres takes dancehall bump, chip-tune bloops and polyrhythmic drums, and weaves them all into wild avant-pop tunes somewhere between The Knife at their rawest and Boredoms at their most tuneful. Recent single ‘Doggy Bag’ is a fierce banger taking aim at tackling food waste. “Nan demo IIkedo Doggy Bag!”, whispers Kiki Hitomi atop distorted handclaps and eight-bit bloops — “We shouldn’t waste food, and get doggy bag!”