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Loud Patterns

Secretly Canadian
Makeness - Loud Patterns
Scottish producer Kyle Molleson aka Makeness finds inspiration in a certain unknowable place between avant-garde pop-rock and experimental electronics, a frisson between indie and techno. ‘Loud Patterns’ is his first attempt to crystallise these ideals into a long player, which bursts swiftly from the gate with its title track and ‘Fire Behind The Two Louis’, both impressive attempts to marry a certain Britpop harmony with a wilder, more psychedelic bloom of electronic sound. The album’s first half invites you to admire the songwriting while looking a little closer at the details lurking beneath the frame, while the latter half delves more into gritty psychedelic jams. You get a sense the conceptual transcendence he’s reaching for isn’t quite realised, though it leaves the door open for even more focused explorations in the future.