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Mefjus - Manifest
Written, produced and mastered by the man himself and featuring no collaborations, ‘Manifest’ really shows what Austrian producer Mefjus is made of. For an artist firmly associated with the tech end of the spectrum, this album welcomely blends elements of neuro, jump-up and liquid drum & bass to varied and exciting effect. The album's overall vibe is vivid and raw, creating the energy of an eclectic DJ set, which twists, tumbles and crescendos throughout. The first track that grabs our full attention is lead single ‘If I Could’ with its oscillating sub, bouncing, stepping beat and vocal hook. Moving back into darker territory, ‘Together’ is designed to tear the floor to fragments, with quick jungle breaks, energy building risers and twisted synths. Tracks such as ‘Sizzle Fizzle’ and ‘Muskox’ bring us into more familiar soundscapes, and channel the superbly controlled distortion of label bosses Noisia. Get ready for what the producer calls "Mefjus 2.0".