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Marcel Dettmann

Marcel Dettmann presents RAUCH

Marcel Dettmann presents RAUCH
For their next trick, Ostgut’s experimental A-TON sub-label invited Marcel Dettmann to collaborate with Felix K, Sa Pa and Simon Hoffmann to interpret the work of photographer Friederike von Rauch, whose subject matter is images of post-World War II European monasteries. The audio-visual show was exhibited in Paris in November, and surely made for an arresting experience: the shadowy, greyed-out music alone evokes inescapable mental images of walking through vast brutalist structures with thronging metal sounds, dark drones and distant echoes round every corner. Presented as one 42-minute piece, heavy harmonies slowly shapeshift, barely-there rhythms appear from below and celestial pads occasionally break through the darkness to hint at the religious nature of the subject matter. It’s lonely architectural ambient on a grand scale, and listening to it is so intensely real that the buildings almost feel tangible.