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Bobby Krlic

Midsommar Score

Bobby Krlic - Midsommar
Bobby Krlic aka The Haxan Cloak’s music has always been the stuff of shadows; dark, haunting and at times a little bit creepy while always powerfully emotive. Horror writer/director Ari Aster reportedly wrote the script to his new film Midsommar with Krlic’s morbidly stunning second album ‘Excavation’ on heavy rotation. Aster then brought Krlic on fairly early in the process, and the result is a terrifying soundtrack that holds its own, providing both evocative backdrops and also diegetic music that is performed on-screen by the villagers in the film’s pseudo-idyllic setting. The scene-setting pieces start out as lush homages to an ever-sunny northern summer countryside that is constantly at odds with the atrocities taking place in the film. Krlic conveys this juxtaposition of beauty and horror perfectly via strings and organic percussion, which is a marked departure from the electronic palette of his previous works. Personally, I have a weak constitution for horror, and the skin-crawling ebbs and flows, trembling detuned strings and freaky diegetic chanting in this soundtrack alone scared me enough already to keep well away from Midsommar. If that’s not an endorsement…