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Night Slugs Allstars X

Night Slugs
Night Slugs Allstars X
A lot has happened musically since L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok launched their ever-progressive label 10 years ago, but Night Slugs has always remained quietly ahead of the pack, demonstrated in this collection of back catalogue tracks, archived cuts and newer sounds from label talent and pals. A hefty Lil Silva remix of Bok Bok’s 2011 tune ‘Silo Pass’ announces the bass-heavy, future-facing sounds that put Night Slugs on the map — but this comp is more than just a dip into the bass bin. Tracks from Girl Unit with Kelela, and DJ J Heat and Neana showcase the label’s more soulful, R&B-leaning side. Elsewhere, there’s an industrial tear-up from Fiedel, wonky house from Altered Natives and two belters in Hysterics’ sweaty techno rush and Cooly G’s heady ‘Digitally Higher’, all making you realise just how gloriously uncategorisable Night Slugs is as a label — which is why we love it.