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The Chemical Brothers

No Geography

The Chemical Brothers - No Geography
In the years since Tom and Ed last graced us with an album plenty about the world has changed, but the benchmarks set by their preceding two LPs remain. ‘No Geography’ doesn’t offer the level of experimentation as predecessor ‘…Echoes’, nor is it as resoundingly uplifting as 2010’s ‘Further’, but it’s quintessential Chems business nonetheless – genre-demolishing, assured, unashamedly huge. The title track is a prime example; messages of unity (not the only thing here you could read politically) and euphoric synth work destined to cause scenes live. Early single ‘Mad As Hell’ has reintroduced frenzied acid to mainstream radio. ‘We’ve Got To Try’ brings e-funk via head-nodding breaks and diva samples. ‘Gravity Drops’ is a slice of warm, stripped, downtempo beauty. The sum total being exceptional proof we’d be poorer without this duo in our lives.