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Ellen Allien


Bpitch Control
Not counting her 2006 collab LP with Apparat, ‘Nost’ is BPitch boss Ellen Allien's seventh full-length solo album. Factoring in a persistently demanding worldwide touring schedule, and her dual roles as both artist and label founder (with all the A&R and creative demands this must put upon her), it's a pretty bewildering achievement. That ‘Nost’ is as accomplished as it is is all the more impressive, too. Bar a contemplative outro track, the lush and sweeping ‘Erdmond’, Allien makes no bones of the fact that this is club music, pure and simple. 'Innocence' is made for cavernous warehouse rooms, a spooky, mildly-unsettling late night/early morning workout. ‘Jack My Ass’ builds with angular stabs and a thunderous, unremitting foundation of pulsating bass, while ‘Stormy Memories’ feels like a paean to Vangelis. But with some additional — and most welcome — burbling acid. Bravo.