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NTS Sessions

Autechre - NTS Sessions
Production duo Autechre have always preferred to exist in the shadows — the perfect place for their mind-fucking (and frequently brilliant) compositions to exist. Back in April, the duo hosted a month-long residency at underground online station NTS Radio, spawning eight hours of new music across four shows, collected here. It’s essentially an extended journey into numerous indescribable sonic universes of ambient, glitch, electronics, fragmented techno… there are elements of all those, but it really is as far from genre-specific as it’s possible to get. There’s chaos, there’s order, there’s rhythm, there’s playfulness, there’s audio terror: it’s Autechre through and through, and it’s fascinating and rewarding if you have the stomach for it and the time to dedicate. It probably won’t win them many new fans, but Autechre have never worried about that, which is why we love them.