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Paul Kalkbrenner

Parts Of Life

Paul Kalkbrenner - Parts of Life
It’s 10 years since Paul Kalkbrenner starred in, and wrote the soundtrack to Berlin Calling, a fictitious film about someone destroyed by the dance music scene. After running for a record-breaking 145 weeks of continuous screenings, it made Kalkbrenner a global techno superstar. At least half of this latest album, though, takes him back to his roots, to a raw and visceral sound that will be welcomed even by those put off by the more big room and overtly emotional offerings of his intervening years. Often edgy and strobe lit, concrete drums make for weighty grooves, synths shoot out with laser precision and atmospheres are muggy and grainy. The latter half veers more towards hands-in-the-air, bleary eyed and melodic main room stuff that is less essential, but when you release on a major like Sony, that’s to be expected.