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Joel Eel

Performing A Crime

Joel Eel - Performing A Crime
A self-released artist album is always a sign of their full creative control of the project; for Joel Eel’s latest LP it’s been the freedom to design a conceptual album about the brutality of love with no compromise. ‘Performing A Crime’ begins with ‘Sapphire’, and thrown immediately into fast-paced tempos awash with confrontational lyrics and a raw post-punk energy. The title track resembles early ‘80s electro, bit-crushed synthesiser sounds and stabs aplenty. ‘Body Builder’ takes an even more rebellious stance with destructive, hard hitting 4x4 that veers into industrial techno territory. The themes about the misunderstandings of love perhaps aim to stay unresolved as final track ‘Garden Of Roses’ is a myriad of intensive synthesisers guaranteed to keep the heart pulsing with undefined intent.