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Premiere: Ah! Kosmos ‘June’

Ah! Kosmos readies her new album ‘Beautiful Swamp’ on Compost Records. ‘June’ blends rich electronics with contemporary classical motifs for a textured sonic trip...

Istanbul-born, Berlin-based producer Başak Günak AKA Ah! Kosmos will release her new album ‘Beautiful Swamp’ on 5th October via Compost Records.

The multi-instrumentalist’s second album follows ‘Bastards’ which came out in 2015. Moving from the avant-garde/post-rock fusion of her debut into more electronic territory this time round has served her well and throughout ‘Beautiful Swamp’ we find an artist wielding challenging ideas, concepts and emotions expertly and conveying them with deft skill and absorbing artistry.

‘June’ is testament to that. One of the highlights of the album, you can hear it below.

"All the pieces in the ‘Beautiful Swamp’ are reflections of moments I have gone through in the last two years,” Günak tells DJ Mag. “‘June’ was the first piece of the album that made it to the surface to this swamp. And when I dive into it, I like the ‘in-betweeness’ that it represents for me."

Pre-order ‘Beautiful Swamp’ here