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Premiere: Ai Messiah ‘Void Droid’

Belfast-based experimental producer Ai Messiah readies their massive ‘Sentience & Sapience’ LP on Touch Sensitive Records. ‘Void Droid’ is a lush cut of ambient melodies with an absorbing rhythmic afterthought…

Belfast’s Ai Messiah will release their sprawling debut LP via Touch Sensitive Records on Friday 16th November.

A vast, versatile and experimental release crosses a wide array of genres over its 17 tracks, always maintaining a dystopian atmosphere, the album explores concepts of “near futures in the age of Artificial Intelligence”.

“Inspired by the outlandish prophecies of Tech guru Ray Kurzweil and the Transhumanist evangelism of 20th century psychonauts like Terence McKenna and Robert Anton Wilson, ‘Sentience & Sapience’ is an album for bewildered Homo sapiens contending with intelligent machines in the shadow of the singularity,” an official press release for the album reads.

‘Void Droid’, the sixth track on the album, is testament to the artist’s versatility on display on this record. Ambient melodies and a cavernous atmosphere leans into a subtle, but vital, rhythmic backbeat, making it one of the albums more rhythmic, enthralling cuts. You can hear it below.

Pre-order ‘Sentience & Sapience’ here