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Premiere: Aircode ‘When It’s Said It Is’

Next up on TT is Swedish producer aircode with the ‘Dislocated’ EP. Hear the fierce and meticulously designed club cut, ‘When It’s Said It Is’ now...

London-based DJ/producer aircode will release her new EP, ‘Dislocated’, this Friday 28th June via TT (fka Tobago Tracks)

Following a recent show on NTS and a performance at Uniqlo Tate Lates in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, the Swedish producer’s debut EP is a meticulously crafted five-track collection of gripping sound design, lucid noise and experimental club sounds. It’s a perfect fit TT’s prolific catalog that already features the likes of Iceboy Violet, Yeongrak, Junior XL and object blue.

From growling, beatless trips to disorienting club hitters, it’s a formidable debut from a producer we expect to be hearing a lot more from in the future. ‘When It’s Said It Is’ closes the EP on a dancefloor tip, with a heavy, shattering beat and dense bass squalls making for a striking conclusion. Check it out below.

You’ll be able to buy ‘Dislocated’ from TT’s Bandcamp.