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Premiere: aircode ‘Eyebags’

London-based Swedish producer aircode will release her EP, ‘Effortless’, on Alien Jams. Hear the psychedelic techno pulse of ‘Eyebags’ now

aircode will release a new EP, ‘Effortless’, this week on Alien Jams.

The London-based Swedish producer’s new five-track release was written over the course of a year of intense sleep deprivation, and “reflects a period of disorientation, social claustrophobia, and the unbridled feeling of a loss of focus”.

Disjointed electronic rhythms tumble beneath dizzying vocal loops and self-generated melodies and soundscapes, the EP captures the foggy and  confused mental state of the sleep-deprived well, making for a collection that is at once arresting and unsettling. 

“The tracks represent this mixture of apathy and a scattered mind,” aircode explains, "On the verge of hyperventilation with constantly changing rhythms as you feel your heartbeat and breath loud and out of sync. The melodies are also somewhat dipping in energy."

‘Eyebags’ lurches forward with a psychedelic techno pulse and eerie melodic motifs. Check it out below. 

‘Effortless’ is out tomorrow (25th September). You can buy it here