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Premiere: AK Sports ‘Only Me Then Only You’

Club Glow returns with the third instalment of its cassette series, a futuristic rave split by AK Sports and Kessler. Hear the AK Sports peak-time slammer ‘Only Me Then Only You’ now

Club Glow will release the third instalment of its split cassette series this month: a 17-track rave eruption from two emerging names, AK Sports and Kessler. 

Based in London (AK Sports) and Rotterdam (Kessler) respectively, the Australian and Northern Irish producers have each been bringing their distinctive takes on vintage rave sounds to the fore for a couple of years now. AK Sports brings her taste for jagged breaks, snarling bass and warped hoovers to the plate to the A-Side of the tape, while Kessler jumps from ecstatic hardcore and cosmic jungle into warped electro on the B-side. It’s wall-to-wall bangers, pure and simple. 

Below, you can hear AK Sports’ peak-time slammer ‘Only Me Then Only You’. 

Club Glow Vol.3 will be released on 25th June. Pre-order it here