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Premiere: Alex Martyn ‘Zorra’

Edinburgh’s Alex Martyn is up next on Liam Doc’s Eyeangle Records. Hear the festival-ready stepper ‘Zorra’ now

Edinburgh’s Alex Martyn will release a new EP on Liam Doc’s Eyeangle Records this month. 

The Isle of Skye born-DJ and producer is a relative newcomer on the scene, but both tracks on the ‘Awooga’ EP introduce him as someone with a knack for dancefloor hooks. With an ear for melody and a taste for a zealous breakdown or two, these cuts are made for the festival floor. With any luck, we’ll get to hear them played out before long. 

In the meantime, you can hear ‘Zorra’, with its hypnotic vocal samples, vintage rave pianos and quick stepping beat, below. 

‘Awooga’ will be released on 23rd April. Pre-order it here