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Premiere: Asmus Odsat ‘Deal With It’

Iceland-based Dane Asmus Odsat steps up on FALK DISKS with the ferocious ‘Ecstatic Half Truth’ EP. ‘Deal With It Is’ is ruthless and in keeping with Copenhagen’s taste for rapid techno…

Asmus Odsat will release his ‘Ecstatic Half Truth’ EP on Iceland’s FALK DISKS this Friday 26th October.

The Danish DJ/producer recently relocated to Iceland, but that hasn’t stopped this EP retaining the incendiary, fast-paced energy that is so prevalent in Copenhagen’s techno scene at present (just hear the new compilation on Courtesy’s Kulør label).

This rapid, percussive and colourful determination is present from the get-go, with ‘Deal With It’ opening proceedings with its warped, industrial synths and off-kilter beat. You can hear it below.

You can pre-order ‘Ecstatic Half Truth’ here.