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Premiere: Asquith ‘LCD Steppin’

Lobster Theremin’s Asquith steps up on his eponymous imprint with the ‘Rave Til Dawn’ EP. Hear the high-speed, euphoric rave cut ‘LCD Steppin’’ now

Lobster Theremin founder Asquith will release a new EP on his other, eponymous label next Friday 15th May.

‘Rave Til Dawn’ , as its title suggests, is one tailor-made for the dancefloors, either at sunrise or in the depth of peak time. High-speed rhythms, classic rave breaks, euphoric synths and elated vocal samples make this a four-tracker of pure ecstasy, and we can’t wait to hear it out on a festival floor when the time comes round again. 

‘LCD Steppin’’ is the EP’s highlight, coming in with a 155bpm breakbeat, a dusty technicolor atmosphere and the sort of radiance you only find in the rave’s final burst of energy. Check it out below. 

Pre-order 'Rave Til Dawn' here