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Premiere: Ayesha ‘Liminality’

Brooklyn’s Ayesha steps up on Kindergarten Records with the ‘Natural Phenomena’ EP. Hear the buoyant percussion and ravey breaks of ‘Liminality’ now

Brooklyn’s Ayesha will release her new EP, 'Natural Phenomena', via Kindergarten Records next week.

Fusing organic percussion, natural sounds and a futuristic dancefloor atmosphere, the four-track release is lush and energised. A resident at Brooklyn’s Half Moon Radio, Ayesha drew inspiration from the landscape of her Indian upbringing when producing these tracks, describing the release as “cultural memory channeled into universal club format”.

Psychedelic vocal samples swirl through the hazy atmospheres of ‘Clarity’ and ‘Infinite Space’, while rumbling bass plumes and hypnotic, broken rhythms bounce and weave around one another, like the sound of a landscape come to life. 

‘Liminality’ blooms and pops with its glowing tabla samples, ravey breaks and syncopated club beat, while reverberating vocals echo beneath the surface like a refreshing breeze. It makes for a highlight on a striking EP that will immediately grab fans of artists like Leif, Bergsonist and TSVI. Check it out below. 

'Natural Phenomena' is out on 6th November. You can buy it here