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Premiere: Ayesha ‘Varanasi’

Ayesha and Ma Sha Ru explore personal interpretations of elemental forces on their ‘Ether’ EP for Kindergarten Records. Hear the tough techno chimes of Ayesha’s ‘Varanasi’ now

Ayesha and Ma Sha Ru are next up on Brooklyn’s Kindergarten Records with a split EP, ‘Ether’.

Across four dancefloor-driven tracks, each artist explores their “personal and energetic associations” with the ancient elemental forces of fire, water, earth and wind. Ayesha, whose approach to dance music is frequently influenced by her biophilia, blends propulsive rhythms with organic sounds on ‘Varanasi’ and ‘Downpour’. You can hear the tough techno rhythms of ‘Varanasi’, embellished by crisp melodic chimes, below. 

Meanwhile, Ma Sha Ru – the creative collaboration of Kindergarten founder Ma Sha and Italian producer Rù – opt for a more industrial, electro-singed approach on ‘Mechanical Rustle’ and ‘Seismic Energy’, on which Ma Sha’s icy vocals are carried on gusts of quaking bass and drums. 

‘Ether’ will be released on 30th July. You can pre-order it via Kindergarten Records’ Bandcamp.

Photo Credit: Karla Del Orbe