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Premiere: Bergsonist ‘Tentation’

Bizaarbazaar founder Bergsonist returns to Börft Records with the ‘Chaos’ EP.  Tough, mesmerising closer ‘Tentation’ fuses techno grit with deep house atmospherics...

New York-based, Moroccan DJ/producer/curator Bergsonist will release her new EP, ‘Chaos’, via Börft Records in early April.

Returning to the label following a split EP with Isabella, the Bizaarbazaar founder – real name Selwa Abd – delivers five fresh cuts that balance tough, dusty techno grit with mesmerising deep house atmospherics and melodies.

This EP comes shortly after Abd releasing her fierce ‘Solyaris’ EP on Where To Now? and curating a sizeable and inventive compilation on Bizaarbazaar, the initial run of which was sold through download codes printed on t-shirts.

‘Tentation’ closes the EP with a Mr. Fingers-reminiscent pulse, with an added  dose of heft to prop up its whispered vocals and sparkling melodic atmosphere. Check it out below.

Get your copy of 'Chaos' here.