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Premiere: Big Miz 'Glitchy Belter'

Glaswegian DJ and producer Big Miz returns to Dixon Avenue Basement Jams with a brand new EP, 'Cartha Street Cuts'. Listen to the disjointed groove and unfiltered club energy on the A1, 'Glitchy Belter', now

Big Miz will release a new EP next week.

Glaswegian DJ and producer Big Miz has had a big year in terms of production. Pulling together a mini-LP of tracks he's produced over the last decade, he joined Unknown To The Unknown's catalogue, and released an EP via Shall Not Fade. He also teamed up with Brighton's Dance System for a collaboration on his recent album.

As the year draws to a close, Big Miz has one more surprise in store, in the form of 'Cartha Street Cuts', incoming via Glasgow's very own Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.

Hand stamped on emerald green vinyl, the EP features four cuts primed for club play, with the disjointed stabs and rolling bassline of 'Glitchy Belter' bringing the dancefloor straight to your home (for now).

Listen to 'Glitchy Belter' below and pre-order 'Cartha Street Cuts', which is available on the 11th December, here