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Premiere: Blacksea Não Maya ‘Estranhos e Loucos’

Lisbon trio Blacksea Não Maya return to Príncipe with eight cuts of thrilling, evolutionary batida. Hear DJ Noronha’s dub-evoking ‘Estranhos e Loucos’ now

Lisbon’s Blacksea Não Maya have returned to Príncipe after five years with a new EP,  ‘Máquina de Vénus’.

The trio, comprising brothers DJ Kolt and DJ Noronha and their friend DJ Perigoso, deliver eight thrilling tracks of percussive, genre-defying dance music, pushing batida sounds to new, experimental heights. It makes for a heady brew, with DJ Kolt injecting six of the EP’s cuts with dizzying percussion, warped sub-bass and dark, trance-inducing atmospheres.

The vibe of DJ Noronha’s ‘Estranhos e Loucos’ will make UK sound system fans feel right at home at first, but soon it launches into something exhilarating and new, its syncopated percussion galloping around rugged bass groove and echoing vocal samples. It’s a standout cut on an EP that’s full of them. Check it out below. 

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Buy ‘Máquina de Vénus’ here.