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Premiere: bonebrokk ‘Forsaken’

Athens’ bonebrokk fuses hard drum, techno and rib-rattling bass-weight on his cathartic new EP, ‘Howl’. Hear the rabid percussion of ‘Forsaken’ now

Anthens’ producer bonebrokk will release his new EP, ‘Howl’ this month.

Set for release via his own Trial & Error label, the five-track EP is frenzied and cathartic, but meticulously crafted. Fusing elements of hard drum, experimental electronics and the bass-heavy sound design of UK techno, it’s a full-throttle collection capped off with a typically masterful dubstep remix from Mosca. 

Speaking about the EP, bonebrokk says: ''Howl is a reaction, an act of liberation from reality, from the constant advertisements, from entrepreneurs, from my fascist country, from capitalism. It's a world I created to heal myself, to escape and to lose myself in a sonic bath. Devaluation and 15 second memories rule this age and I need more, I want things to matter.''

You can hear ‘Forsaken’, the EP’s rabid, percussive highlight, below. 

‘Howl’ is out on 16th October. Pre-order it here.