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Premiere: Brain Rays ‘Void’

Emerging electro producer Brain Rays readies his new EP, ‘Void/I Make Moves’. ‘Void’ is a retro cosmic stomper with a Technicolor flare...

Brain Rays – one half of experimental hip hop duo Baconhead – will release his new electro EP ‘Void/I Make Moves’ on Friday 16th November. It follows releases on My Techno Weighs A Ton and Unknown to the Unknown To The Unknown.

Given his work in soundtracking, there is, expectedly, a cinematic edge to this release, its retro, Technicolor synths jolting over its dense, propulsive beats. ‘Void’ feels like the soundtrack to a gritty, cult sci-fi flick; the sort of B-movie in which characters beat the shit out of each other while wearing garish neon helmets or what have you. You can hear it below.

That is not the film the track scores (un)fortunately. The actual visual accompaniment to the cosmic stomper is an absorbing and eerie Super 8 trip through an arcade nightmare. Staggering and wonderfully weird stuff courtesy of Grasp The Nettle Films. It's directed by Dean Puckett, whose team is behind the award winning Folk Horror, 'The Sermon' and 'Satan's Bite’. Check it out.

Pre-order ‘Void/I Make Moves’ here.


BRAIN RAYS_VOID from Grasp The Nettle Films on Vimeo.