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Premiere: C Powers ‘FishWash’

C Powers is up next on Astral Plane Recordings imprint Contagion Discs with ‘Which Ad Experience Do You Prefer?’. Hear the grungy acid garage cut ‘FishWash’ now

Astral Plane Recordings new imprint Contagion Discs returns with its second release this week, C Powers’ ‘Which Ad Experience Do You Prefer?’. 

The Georgia-born, Portland-based producer serves up four sharp and sizzling cuts on their debut for the label, having previously released on established imprints like Sorry Records and Sweat Equity. Powers twists the parameters of garage, breaks and house across the EP, offering playfully psychedelic takes on dancefloor sounds without ever sacrificing their energy or groove. 

'FishWash' kicks off the EP with a grungy acid garage mood, setting the tone for the trip to come. Check it out below. 

Pre-order 'Which Ad Experience Do You Prefer?' here